Waste Containers

Waste Containers

Worry-Free Management Of Container Activity

OTTO-USA provides tailored solutions to all of your waste container activity needs, regardless of manufacturer.

Trash Container Delivery & Assembly

In-Depth Preparation. Successful Execution. Continued Support.

OTTO-USA provides tailored services for the curbside trash can delivery, assembly, & recovery of your residential roll-out trash containers.

Trash Can Delivery, Trash Container Delivery
Waste Container Rebranding

Waste Container Recycling

Continuing Your Waste Container’s Life Cycle

Increase sustainable efforts by continuing your waste container’s life cycle properly with OTTO’s container recycling program.


We offer Ultra High Frequency RFID tracking with our two-wheeled waste containers to help assist in management and recovery of the cart fleet.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

As a full-service plastics manufacturer specializing in large tonnage and high-volume injection molding, our goal is to partner with you and make your contract project a success – the portion you require – to deliver your product directly to your customer.