Waste Container Management Services

Worry-Free Waste Container Management

OCM Solutions, LLC provides tailored solutions to all of your container activity needs, regardless of manufacturer.

Waste Management Containers

Waste Container Logistics/Maintenance

Taking your containers where they need to go.
Service Examples:

Waste Container Repair

Container Delivery

•  New customers

•  Replacement for missing/stolen containers

Container Removal

•  Cancelled customers

•  Bad-pay/non-paying customers

Container Swap-outs

•  Replacement for broken container

•  Increase or decrease in container size

•  Lid exchanges for color requirements based on waste stream

Container Repairs

•  Lid, wheel, axle, lift bar repairs & replacements curbside

•  Parts are also salvaged if possible to be used on future repairs.

Container Washing

Route Auditing

Putting money back in your pocket.

Audits can be designed to fit your specific needs and capture the information that is critical to optimizing your profit margin.

Example Audit Options:

•  Confirm waste container size and/or quantity

•  Identify nonpaying residents or businesses that currently receive services through list analysis

•  Confirm customers with extra garbage and/or overfilled containers

•  Report on container condition including safety hazards

Inventory Management

Overseeing your containers as they go in & out of inventory.

•  Maintain an organized yard with proper stock levels

•  Establish yard categorization: finished goods, components, and containers that may be eligible for warranty, repairs, or reclaim

•  Keep accurate records

•  Receive regular inventory reporting tailored to your specific requirements

Container Inventory Management
Waste Container Evaluations

Container Evaluations

Assessing your damaged containers.

– Evaluating containers, regardless of manufacturer

– Identifying containers that may be eligible for warranty, repairs, or reclaim

– Detecting training opportunities for operator behavior to reduce container damage

Waste Container Re-Branding

Container Re-branding

Quickly giving your containers a new identity.

– Decal application for acquired containers/re-branding efforts

– Options for assessing waste container condition & size

– Execution available curbside, at resident/business location, or on your yard

Waste Container Assembly and Distribution

Assembly, Distribution & Recovery

To learn more about our assembly, distribution & recovery solutions,
click here.

– Technology solutions to link any combination of waste container data including: RFID tag, serial number and address

– Installation of RFID tags on existing container fleets

Experience From A Team You Can Trust

– National fleet of over 80 trucks equipped with GPS and fleet tracking software

– Licensed, insured and DOT certified drivers

– Adherence to OSHA and safe driving practices

– Professionally dressed field employees

– Robust IT team that ensures accuracy with equipment and data

– Experience servicing millions of containers at locations throughout the U.S.